Workers plead for everyone to participate in US census amid coronavirus outbreak

Officials say early participation will help keep everyone safe

MACOMB COUNTY – Census workers are pleading for United States citizens to make sure they participate in the count amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Taking the U.S. census is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. It’ll be coming to you in the mail, as well, and there’s a plan in place to keep participants safe.

You have from now until June to comply. The census can be completed online or on the phone.

What’s critical about participating is it helps keep others safe, because if you don’t reply after numerous snail mail attempts, field workers will be dispatched, and that means people will be forced to ignore social distancing to get the information.

Workers said participation is important because every answer is worth money to every community. For every person who doesn’t respond to the census information, money and government representation is lost, officials said.

To see Paula Tutman’s full story and hear from Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, watch the video posted above.

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