Olympic athletes stressed as training facilities temporarily close

There’s a possibility that Local 4 might not be airing the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan this summer.

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Coronavirus has postponed or canceled countless events. Multiple facilities have been closed, making it difficult for athletes to properly train.

Sam Mikulak, a 2-time Olympian was in the middle of preparing on Tuesday when he was informed of the closures.

Some sports can be trained at home, but that’s not something easily done with artistic gymnastics. Mikulak said it’s been a stressful time having to take a month off of training before competing on the world’s largest stage.

Cindy Ofili is also feeling stressed due to closures. She runs 100 meter hurdles and said she’s been trying to make the best of it training at the University of Michigan.

The throwing a wrench in our plans to olympic games. At no point would you take a month off and then compete on biggest stage.

Ofili believes with only four months to go, the Olympic games could still happen as long as the threat has passed. Mikulak, however, believes postponing the games is the only way to go.

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