Forgotten Harvest needs donations to continue mission during COVID-19 outbreak

DETROIT – Forgotten Harvest has refused to let the coronavirus outbreak stop their mission, but they need help to keep going.

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The organization wants residents to know what they can do to help them and others during the crisis. Forgotten Harvest is in need of cash donations to help re-configure how it helps people and, at the same time, keep exposure risk to coronavirus as low as possible.

“We are going to need extra support for extra drivers, to purchase the food we don’t typically purchase, to purchase the boxes the food goes in," said Chris Ivey with Forgotten Harvest. "We have got to get more safety equipment, like respirators and body suits and things like that. We are going to need community support because it is over and above what we typically need to do.”

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The organization will continue to get food to people in need, but a rise in need is expected. Forgotten Harvest anticipates having to buy food, pay for overtime, budget to pay temporary help, pay for shipping and figure out new ways to keep exposure risks down.

“The extra moves we have to make to keep things safe right now are over and above what we do, out of scope out of budget," Ives said. "We have to get support to have those expenses covered.”

The first instinct of many is to come and volunteer, but the group isn’t accepting volunteers due to social distancing. Forgotten Harvest said those that wish to help can do it from home by donating at its official website here.

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