Wyandotte veterans band together to help serve community during coronavirus crisis

Downriver For Veterans delivering donated food to people in Metro Detroit

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – During the coronavirus crisis, there are many people going above and beyond to help people in need. They’re the true unsung heroes.

A group of veterans has come together to form a group called Downriver For Veterans. They’re no longer in uniform or the military service, but they’re still serving.

On Monday, they were out delivering donated food.

Some of the group members are falling back on skills they developed long ago: focusing on a mission at hand.

Why are they out there serving when they could be at home taking care of themselves? It’s a lesson about sharing and giving.

Downriver For Veterans also has another mission on its radar: the Tiny Home Project. Click here to visit their website.

You can hear from three members -- Air Force veteran Ann Rudisill, Navy veteran Robert Shink and volunteer Patrick Tingman -- in Steve Garagiola’s video above.

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