Metro Detroiters step up to help hospitals, medical centers amid escalating coronavirus pandemic

Acts of kindness provide needed materials, boosts morale for healthcare workers

DETROIT – As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic escalates, nurses and doctors are working around the clock to fight the outbreak from the frontlines.

Communities across Metro Detroit have been stepping up to show healthcare workers their appreciation, from donations to food drop offs to social media drives.

On Saturday, Kroger fed every employee -- placing one of the largest pizza orders ever at Little Caesar’s.

Even A-list celebrity Mark Wahlberg got in on the acts of kindness.

Wahlberg’s restaurant chain Wahlburgers gave healthcare workers at Beaumont Royal a break with a free meal.

“The Beaumont team in Detroit is working hard to stay ahead of the coronavirus. Doctors, nurses and emergency teams, labs, staff, caregivers and volunteers, everyone at Beaumont is working around the clock to help while Wahlburgers is working to help too. We’re feeding the hardworking Beaumont team,” said Wahlberg in a video message.

Your everyday neighbors have also been stepping up and giving back during the outbreak.

Detroiter Sam Siegel proved that, sometimes, all it takes is a Facebook post to get people to help.

Siegel decided to make a Facebook post to raise money to help doctors and nurses. In less than 24 hours, Siegel raised $1,000 -- enough to buy nearly 25,000 gloves. All of the gloves were donated to Beaumont Royal Oak.

“I figured I’d make a post and try to get everybody to come together as a community and help out,” Siegel said. “I just had the resources to get the gloves to people who need trying to help out, we’re all sitting at home, might as well be productive.”

Over in Troy and Commerce Township, dentists are dropping off personal protective equipment.

The donation drive was organized by attorney Matt LaMaster. He says every precaution was taken to keep people safe.

“We need to help and love our neighbors as ourselves, that’s what drove me,” said LaMaster. “We’re going to have to them drop things off outside their cars. Later I will grab them, I have my own PPEs, put them in my car with a tarp, with no human contact.”

Masks and gloves were donated to help frontline workers at six Metro Detroit hospitals.

“We have real people that really need the equipment, they’re sharing gowns and masks, those are the one who will save lives and they need to be safe themselves,” LaMaster said.

The acts of kindness around Metro Detroit have resonated with the communities -- especially healthcare workers.

Nurses and doctors were so touched by Wahlberg’s generosity that they let him know in a personal video.

All acts of kindness during these unprecedented times can help supply healthcare workers with the materials, and the morale, they need to respond to this pandemic.

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