Saginaw nurse goes viral with video on germs, cross-contamination

SAGINAW, Mich. – A nurse in Saginaw made a video on social media that has gone viral.

Molly Lixey, a former ER nurse now working at an infusion clinic, explains that wearing gloves doesn’t make you invincible to germs because of cross-contamination.

She said she was happy to see so many people wearing gloves at the grocery store, but people needed to understand how to use them correctly to stay safe.

In her video, Lixey uses a paper plate with green paint on it to represent a package of toilet paper you might pick up at the grocery store. You’d think gloves would keep you protected, right? The video shows the green paint -- representing germs -- get everywhere, from her face to her phone.

When she finishes “shopping," she takes her gloves off, but the green paint is already everywhere and gets back on her hands and continues to spread -- cross-contamination.

“There’s no point in wearing gloves, if you’re not going to wash your hands every time you touch something,” Lixey said.

Her message to keep safe is simple: don’t touch your face, wash your hands and listen to health professionals -- not your social media feed.

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