How to keep your glasses from getting foggy while wearing a mask

DETROIT – With many people now wearing masks, a question has emerged -- how do you keep your glasses from getting foggy?

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Glasses fog up when they are cold and get warm, so if you have another pair of glasses, you could keep them warm in a pocket. Then, when your glasses fog up, you can switch to the warm pair.

There are also a few solutions to help prevent foggy glasses.

If you are wearing a traditional mask, you can squeeze the metal nose piece tight so warm air from your mouth and nose won’t blow up to your glasses.

If you made your own cloth mask, you can sew a paperclip into the nose bridge. You can then fit the paperclip to your nose and cheekbones to limit fogging.

You could also fold a piece of tissue like an accordion and put it in the open space between the mask and your face.

Watch how to make a face covering below:

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