Troy man shakes up routine by wearing costumes while walking dog

'It gives me something to do,” Robert Lucas said

TROY, Mich. – A dog walker in Troy decided to spice up his daily ritual in an attempt to bring joy to his neighborhood.

It’s not Halloween, it’s not even close to October but on the Sylvan Glen subdivision Facebook page people began sharing photos of a man walking his dog while dressed up in costume.

“He does different costumes every time and it’s really cool,” a resident said.

He’s wearing professional costumes and some days he’s wearing face makeup and his shoes are coordinated, according to a resident.

Local 4 was able to track down Robert Lucas, the mysterious costumed dog walker.

“I mean, there ain’t nothing else going on and people are locked up in their house and it gives me something to do,” Lucas said.

Lucas takes his dog Joey for the same five mile walk every day. He’s been wearing costumes to bring smiles to the neighborhood.

“When someone smiles it makes you feel good knowing I put a smile on their face,” he said.

He said he’s got about 25 costumes at home, so he may have to start getting creative as the stay-at-home order continues. He said he’s happy to do it.

“It’s a really nice thing for somebody to do at a time where hearts are heavy and people are concerned about their health and he’s really brightening up a lot of days,” a resident said.

Word on the street is he’s been saving a certain white fluffy costume with big ears for this weekend.

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