Shelby Township hospital worker turns down chance to go home during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

17-year-old girl continues working at Troy Beaumont Hospital

TROY, Mich. – A teenager who works at Troy Beaumont Hospital turned down a chance to go home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, and instead, she’s working as much as she can.

Isabella Johnson, 17, of Shelby Township, is hit with COVID-19′s harsh reality every day inside Troy Beaumont. She works as a nursing assistant in a small intermediate intensive care unit.

“It is absolutely crazy,” Johnson said. “Every single patient we have right now in our unit -- they’re all on ventilators.”

Johnson is a nursing assistant thanks to a co-op program through Henry Ford II High School and Utica Community Schools.

When the pandemic began, Johnson was given the option to stay home, but she asked her boss if she could keep working.

“She was like, ‘You’re crazy, but if you want to keep working, we need you,’” Johnson said.

Her parents said they can’t brag enough about their daughter’s decision. Johnson said there wasn’t even a second thought.

“Everyone is talking about, ‘Do your part,’” Johnson said. “I had the option to actually help people who are sick.”

Her message to others, especially teenagers: “This is real. You need to step up and stay home. This is a serious thing that’s happening.”

Johnson has a 4.03 GP, even with difficult AP classes.

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