73-year-old woman dies from amid state investigation of COVID-19 at Riverview nursing home

RIVERVIEW, Mich. – A woman said she found out her mother was sick by peering through the window of the Rivergate Terrace Nursing Home in Riverview.

On Wednesday the woman’s 73-year-old mother died, and according to her family it was because of coronavirus (COVID-19). The nursing home is now under investigation.

Tracy Estrada said details of her mother weren’t coming out of Rivergate Nursing Home so she went there herself and had to look through her window, and what she saw was alarming.

“She was shaking so bad, something’s not right here,” Estrada said.

She said she saw staff wearing protective gear and her mother was shaking. She said she never got any indication from staff that her mother was sick.

She said Rivergate did give her an update and told her that her mother had pneumonia.

“'What are the chances of her having the coronavirus?' She goes, ‘Very unlikely,'" Estrada said.

Local 4 has learned from insiders at Rivergate that coronavirus was spreading to residents and staff like wildfire for weeks.

The nursing home has reported seven deaths, but sources say there have been far more.

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When Estrada asked that 911 be called for her mother to be transported to the hospital she said someone at the nursing home told her that her mother would have to be unresponsive.

Rivergate said it is taking proper precautions to protect residents and staff but the state is also investigating to see if the facility followed proper protocols once the virus was present.

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