Officials say pandemic, statute of limitations won’t prevent justice in Flint water crisis

Sixth anniversary of disastrous Flint water switch arrives

FLINT, Mich. – This is a pivotal week in the ongoing Flint water crisis investigation. It’s the sixth anniversary of the disastrous water switch, raising statute of limitations questions.

The anniversary comes as former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces new questions about what and when he knew about the possible dangers of switching to Flint water.

Officials working the case promise the criminal statute of limitations and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic won’t stop them from seeking justice.

“We want to correct the misconception that April 25, 2020, is the deadline to bring charges against those who may be criminally liable,” officials said in a statement.

The Michigan criminal statute of limitations is set at six years for misdemeanors and 6-10 years for most felonies.

Those investigating the Flint water crisis said the work continues and that the people of Flint will get justice.

Former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is hoping charges are coming, and she spoke about the new reports that Snyder might have known more about the possible dangers of switching to Flint water earlier than some believed.

You can hear from Weaver and legal expert Neil Rockind in Hank Winchester’s video posted above.

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