UAW endorses Joe Biden for President

UAW flag
UAW flag

DETROIT – The United Auto Workers (UAW) union leadership announced Tuesday they are endorsing Democratic candidate Joe Biden for President of the United States.

The UAW International Board said the former Vice President’s experience in the Obama-Biden Administration during the “successful auto recovery will be instrumental as the industry experiences massive changes in technology and jobs in auto and other UAW sectors.”

“In these dangerous and difficult times, the country needs a president who will demonstrate clear, stable leadership, less partisan acrimony and more balance to the rights and protections of working Americans,” said Rory Gamble, president of the UAW. “UAW Members need a federal government that ensures that members have both a good job to go to, and that they come home to their families at night having earned a fair day’s wage in a safe and secure place.”

The UAW says Biden has committed to a plan that will:

  • Reign in the abuse of corporate power over working people and hold corporate executives personally accountable for violations of labor laws.
  • Encourage and incentivize unionization and collective bargaining; and
  • Ensure that workers are treated with dignity and receive the pay, benefits and workplace protections they deserve.
  • Ensure we expand access to affordable quality health care.

“In a changing economic environment, we need steady leadership and planning to make sure the jobs of the future are good-paying union jobs with benefits,” said Gamble. “And UAW members need to know they have a voice in those changes.”

Gamble added that it is important to have leadership that, at all times, considers the needs of working men and women in making policy choices, and judicial appointments. “UAW members ultimately want a voice. And Joe Biden is committed to giving UAW members that voice at the table.”


About the Author:

Dave Bartkowiak Jr. is the digital managing editor for ClickOnDetroit.