Joe Biden praises Michigan’s handling of COVID-19

DETROIT – Living in the middle of a pandemic means campaigning for president can’t be business as usual.

No rallies, no in person appearances, and certainly no shaking hands. Local 4 interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden via Zoom -- while he was in his basement. He’ll tell you Michigan is critical to his election math.

“I think Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are critical states for the general election,” Biden said.

He has yet to reveal his pick for running mate. Local 4 asked him whether he could see a spot in his administration for Mayor Mike Duggan and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“Yes, I can see them both having places in my administration,” he said.

He had praise for both people.

“Mike is one of those guys that stepped up and did the right thing -- wasn’t afraid to tell the truth. Just set things up and got the city moving until this pandemic hit,” Biden said.

As far as Whitmer goes -- “I think Gretchen is a really, really serious player. I think she’s capable of anything,” Biden said.

Biden is tremendously critical of the job President Donald Trump’s administration is doing with the pandemic.

“It is so mortifying as a president makes everything about himself. It’s not about him. It’s about all those doctors, all those nurses, all those first responders -- literally losing and risking their lives to save everybody else’s life," Biden said.

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