Pontiac kindergartener makes NFL draft predictions

Ayden Elcan loves football

6-year-old NFL draft guru from Pontiac shares Detroit Lions prediction
6-year-old NFL draft guru from Pontiac shares Detroit Lions prediction

PONTIAC, Mich. – What is the most important thing to a 6-year-old? The playground? Video Games? For Ayden Elcan, it’s definitely football.

“He started watching a lot of football videos and games around when he was two years old,” Ayden’s mom, Tyra, said. “He started looking up on Google a lot of the teams. His cousin plays for the Pontiac panthers. That got him involved and he started about looking at teams in the NFL.”

Forget Mel Kiper and Adam Schefter. This kindergartner knows his stuff.

When Ayden isn’t watching football, he’s getting ready for his first season with the Pontiac Panthers. His idol, another player from Pontiac, KJ Hamler, a Penn State wide receiver.

“Kj Hamler in the NFL [will be] a beast wide receiver,” Ayden said.

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Ayden got to meet Hamler a year ago, a surprise from his grandma who knows Hamler’s parents. So now that they are friends, Ayden will be watching closely to see where Hamler is picked in the draft.

“I think he’s going to go to … I will say … He will be a 2nd rounder,” Elcan said.

Ayden said it’s pretty obvious who’s going to be the top pick.

“Joe Burrow,” he said.

The question remains what the Lions will do at No. 3. Ayden predicts they won’t trade down.

“I think they are going to get a quarterback,” Ayden said.

Tyra Elcan said she is OK with pushing bedtime tonight, and this weekend, so Ayden can see what happens.

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