Men wrestle dog off 1-year-old boy to stop attack in Detroit

Neighbor’s dog mauled child

DETROIT – Two men wrestled a dog off a 1-year-old boy when it started mauling the child Tuesday in Detroit.

Kareem Ray III was outside a home on Rosemont Avenue near 8 Mile Road just after 4 p.m. The boy was walking while his 23-year-old father and a 47-year-old family-friend watched him.

Police said a neighbor’s dog slipped out of its chain and started attacking Kareem.

The father and friend got the dog off Kareem. The boy was bitten on his head and neck, and the friend was badly bitten on his arm.

When police arrived, the boy’s family members were arguing with someone associated with the dog. Police took the gray pit bull and one of the dog’s owners away.

Kareem’s family said he will be fine. He was listed in serious condition after the attack.

“He just had his first birthday,” Angelice Harris said. “He’s a nice little boy.”

Harris’ husband is the friend who was bitten. She is concerned about him possibly being exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) while he is hospitalized.

“We can’t even be with him right now. He’s all alone,” Harris said. “He is totally exposed and went to the hospital where the virus is right now. And they took my husband to Sinai-Grace, and I don’t even want to start with all the problems that hospital has had. So yeah, my nerves are at 10.”

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