Phone scammer posing as member of Macomb County Sheriff’s Office requests money in lieu of arrest

Macomb County Sheriff’s Office warns residents of scam phone calls

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MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scammer targeting the area.

Officials say there have been multiple recent reports of a caller posing as a member of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office requesting money from residents in lieu of being arrested.

The caller claims the resident has warrants for their arrest or has missed jury duty and says they must pay $2,000 to avoid being arrested, officials said. A meeting location is then established to exchange the funds.

The sheriff’s office says the phone calls are not legitimate and warns residents from giving away personal information or meeting up with the caller. Members of the sheriff’s department will not call anyone to ask for money in lieu of arrest, officials said.

Individuals can only post a bond at the sheriff’s Bond Office. Anyone who receives a scam call and is concerned is encouraged to visit the sheriff’s office to verify any arrest warrants in their name.

The sheriff’s department also notes that retail gift cards or bitcoin are not accepted forms of payment for bonds.

Officials say the Macomb County Detective Bureau is investigating the scam phone calls.

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