Do you think you have had COVID-19? Antibody tests are available

Blood tests check for antibodies

DETROIT – You had a mystery virus in January or February that matches a lot of the coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and are now curious if you had it.

Antibody testing is readily available to see if you had the illness.

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For example, all Beaumont Urgent Cares are offering the test and you don’t need a prescription. It’s a blood test, not a nose swab like the COVID-19 virus test. The results usually come back in two days.

If you do test positive for antibodies, it’s not an immediate golden ticket, though. Right now, it is unclear whether having those antibodies makes you immune from getting the virus again.

The antibody test is available at all Beaumont Urgent Cares and the virus test is available at some urgent cares.

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