Mayor Mike Duggan’s message to Detroit as protests against police brutality continue

Duggan says pride of Detroiters, DPD has kept protests relatively peaceful

DETROIT – Mayor Mike Duggan said he’s fine taking heat from people angry over the city wide curfew.

“People want to say I’ve taken steps that are too restrictive, that may be a fair criticism but the other thing is 28 states in this country have called in the national guard, the city of Detroit has not," he said.

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There have been no incidents of looting or fires set in Detroit over the six days of protesting, unlike in other major cities across the country.

“A combination of the pride of Detroiters and the professionalism of the Detroit Police Department has kept us safe so far.” Duggan said.

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Duggan said what the city has seen since last Friday is a flip gets switched when darkness falls and different groups come into the city and join what was a peaceful protest.

“There’s no question something is going on,” Duggan said. “Every single night 65, 70 percent of arrests are coming from, last night to see La Jolla, California and the Bronx in New York? These folks are here because they don’t have our best interests at heart."

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