‘We can change the world’ -- Day 10 of protests ends peacefully in Detroit

Peaceful protests continue around Metro Detroit to call out police brutality, racism following the killing of George Floyd

‘We can change the world’ -- Day 10 of protests end peacefully in Detroit
‘We can change the world’ -- Day 10 of protests end peacefully in Detroit

DETROIT – Another day of marching through the streets of Detroit came to a peaceful end Sunday night.

Demonstrators were out past the city’s 8 p.m. curfew, but the city allowed them to stay.

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“To unite with everyone here in hopes that we can change the world," said Kim Brown. “And I think this is a starting point.”

The message was clear. A chant of “No justice, no peace," was echoed over and again with both passion and anger.

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“I remember when this movement first started. I supported it, I understood it," Duane Reece said. "But not everyone spoke up the way they are now.”

The march ended exactly where it began: right in front of DPD’s headquarters with hardly any push back from police. A very different sight from what we saw just a week ago where tear gas was used following the 8 p.m. city curfew being broken.

Gas canister video
Gas canister video

“If we can stand up for those who are obviously being discriminated against because they’re born with a different skin color than us," said Alexandria Stiffler. "We feel like it’s right to stand up for that.”

Just because Sunday’s protest ended pretty peacefully doesn’t mean the numbers will die down. These protesters are vowing to continue coming until we’re truly all equal.

“I’m proud of Detroit and how we’re representing our protests," Brown said. “This is what it’s about, community.”

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