Pistons’ Dwane Casey reflects on player development, adjustment to change

DETROIT – As the Pistons faced many struggles in the 2019-20 season, like the injuries of star players, being 13th in the Eastern Conference, and even players contracting coronavirus (COVID-19), head coach Dwane Casey seems to be in a rebuild.

The 2018 Coach of the Year knew the difficulty with the absence of players like Blake Griffin, Luke Kennard, and Derrick Rose who couldn’t play because of injury.

Casey although had seen a sense of optimism in the talents of players like Christian Wood, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, and Bruce Brown.

“Christian had an excellent season with us when a lot of people gave up on him, Svi Mykhailiuk made great strides as far as his shooting ability and development, and also Bruce Brown, he took stride but I don’t think he’s a starting point guard in our league but I think he will be a backup force which is really valuable," said Casey.

As the growth of these players were impressive to Casey, he understands that the youth of the organization still has to be polished until they can ultimately be a star player like 19-year old Sekou Doumbouya.

Doumbouya who did not have a star rookie season had some glimpses in the eyes of Casey for where his potential may be going.

Casey also mentions the importance of having a main point guard whether he’s acquired through free agency or the draft that can be a coach on the floor and be the future of the organization.

“I think to grow as a team we need that starting point guard. It’s the same in the NFL with the quarterback. You have to have that centerpiece to give the ball to the right position in the right places and be the coach on the floor. Hopefully a guy that it’s natural to that we don’t need to teach to be a point guard," Casey said.