Young Redford father fatally shot in suspected road-rage incident

Redford Police believe road rage is the reason an 8-year old girl will now have to grow up without her father. John Slowik Jr. was shot and killed while driving in the area of Telegraph and Beech Daly.

“He was always a good child. He was always the center of attention, always outgoing and concerned and caring,” said John Slowik Sr.

John Slowik Sr., wants the world to know about his son, 31-year old John Slowik Jr. Slowik said his son was more than his child, but a loving father of an 8-year old daughter, “It’s been very difficult over the past week. Without each other, I don’t think we could have managed this well. We’ve come together as a family.

We’re really trying to cope and comfort one another. It’s a great loss to us,” said Slowik.

Redford Township said on June 6th, Slowik was shot and killed on Acacia near Telegraph, from a possible road rage incident. Police said Slowik was driving a Red 2010 Cheverolet Aveo. There was an accident with a White Chevrolet Impala. Officers said the driver of the White Impala shot Slowik and drove off, “I don’t see how anybody can do that. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Being angry or something at someone is one thing, but to take it out in that way, is not the way to do things,” said his father John Slowik Sr.

“We need to know. We need closure. Look into your heart and bring yourself out and do what is best for everybody,” said Jonie Slowik.

Police are looking for the suspect and that White Impala. One thing to point out is the passenger headlight is brighter than the driver’s light.

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