Michigan burn victim’s son struggles to care for mom in COVID-19 era

Local woman and burn victim seeks help during pandemic

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – This has just been the worst case of events to happen to this family of two.

Dorothy Spinella was maliciously attacked and set on fire after leaving her job at a Redford diner.

Neither her, or her son would know that months later they’d deal with the recovery in the era of COVID-19.

“I need help, you know, in the shower. Somebody to prepare my foods. I’m just moving forward, little by little. With this Pandemic, it’s put a hold on a lot of things,” said Burn Victim, Dorothy Spinella.

It’s been a turbulent transition back into a live of Normalcy, Not only for Burn Victim Dorothy Spinella, but her son Bryan as well.

“Taking care of a burn victim and that’s something new and it really gave me a lot of resources when we got out of the hospital because of the pandemic,” said Dorothy’s son, Bryan Morrissey.

Since his mother was released from the hospital with severe burns. Bryan has been playing the role of both provider and caretaker… 2 jobs he says aren’t easy to do because of where he is financially.

“I can’t find any full time. Wow, taking care of her at the same time. And we’re currently looking for a place to live. So that’s what our next feat is, to find a place,” added Morrissey.

The two now need a bigger place to live to accommodate Ms. Dorothy’s health needs. But regardless of the circumstances. Bryan is sticking by mother’s side no matter what and he’s open to taking any help he can get.

“If we can hopefully find private landlords to help us get into a house that would help us greatly because that’s the only thing that we’re looking for right now,” said Morrissey.

And although his mother is dealing with so much in her life. She’s still able to be proud of her one and only son.

“I was blessed to have a son like Brian. He stepped up to the plate when he had to and I’m grateful for that, as smoothly as World difference,” concluded Spinella.

The man accused of doing this to Dorothy. William Helmer, known by many as Rusty is still behind bars with an upcoming court date in July.

If you’d like to help Dorothy and Bryan and they try to bounce back from this, you can click this link here.

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