U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, UAW President Rory Gamble meet to discuss UAW reform

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DETROIT – Members of the United Auto Workers met with federal prosecutors on Tuesday in the first step to bring reform to the union.

The meeting was between U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider and UAW President Rory Gamble. During the meeting, Gamble and UAW representatives detailed reform measures that Gamble and the International Executive Board put in place for the union.

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“The Justice Department seeks genuine and sincere reform of the UAW so as to provide the best possible representation for its members,” said United States Attorney Matthew Schneider. “I look forward to working toward a mutually agreeable resolution that will protect the interests of the UAW’s members and their families.”

The parties discussed the idea of an independent monitor who could provide further assurance to the membership of concrete changes to the union.

The parties will meet again to consider other options in further detail in the coming weeks.

“Today’s discussion was productive and both the U.S. Attorney and I have the same goal for the UAW International Union. As we turn the page to a stronger, better and cleaner union, we continue to make critical decisions that will protect the sacred dues money of our members. I look forward to continued discussions in the near future that advance toward closing one dark chapter and opening new brighter chapters for members of the UAW,” stated President Rory Gamble.

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