Detroit nonprofit hosts virtual Summer Camp to help kids grieving from homicide

Nonprofit changes plans to continue healing amid pandemic

DETROIT – The Michael (Miracles to Inspire Change in Healing after Experiencing Loss)Organization has been around since 2015. The organization was created following the death of the father of Tacara Wood’s child.

“Our sole mission is to help children cope with the loss of a parent or close relative due to violence in the city,” said The Michael Organization founder and CEO, Tacara Woods.

But Woods says this year, in light of what’s going on with COVID 19, her organization has found a different way to help kids who may be suffering the loss of a loved one.

“We’ve decided to put our heads together and come up with programming. So this year is our very first virtual summer camp,” added Tacara

For over a month, twice a week, first through 12th graders will now have the chance to finally get away from coping alone.

“The kids are connecting with other children who share some loss for providing that recreation peace educational needs, focusing on mental health, you’re getting the therapy services, the hands-on activity,” Tacara said.

Tacara is also a licensed therapist with a certification in trauma… which is why she’s knows it’s important of having someone in your corner during a time of need.

“We’re talking about the emotions. We’re talking about the feelings, talking about coping. We explain what grief and trauma is like trauma looks like kids are open to ours. The children know and the families know that they’re not alone during this time,” concluded, Tacara.

Those interested can call 313-355-2712. The Michael Organization can also be reached via email at info@themichael.org, its official Instagram page here, or its official Facebook page here.