Sterling Heights community rallies around siblings who lost both parents to COVID-19

Family moved to Sterling Heights two years ago

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – A family in Sterling Heights is heartbroken -- a brother and two sisters are taking care of each other now after losing their parents to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Nada Niasin and Nameer Ayram escaped persecution in Iraq eight years ago. They wanted a better life for their three children, Nashwan Ismael, Nadeen Ismael and Nanssy Ismael.

Two years ago they moved into their new home in Sterling Heights. Buying a home in America was their dream come true.

On March 16, Nameer Ayram started feeling sick. He tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later Nada Niasin came down with a bad cough, her COVID-19 test also came back positive. They both were hospitalized, leaving their three children to take care of themselves.

Their son, Nashwan Ismael, 20, came down with COVID-19 symptoms while his parents were in the hospital. So did his two younger sisters, Nadeen Ismael, 18, and Nanssy Ismael, 13.

The whole family had COVID-19. While their parents were fighting for their lives in a hospital, the three children were battling the virus on their own.

On April 21, after spending weeks hooked up to breathing machines, Nada Niasindied of COVID-19. Nameer Ayram died three weeks later. They had no underlying health conditions.

Their children are now facing life on their own, without any other relatives living in the U.S. The Chaldean community is rallying around the siblings, offering strength and comfort.

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Wishlist for Ismael kids:

  • Nash needs a fall and winter coat
  • Nadeen needs a coat -- size small
  • Nanssy needs a coat -- size 12
  • Nadeen wants braces
  • PS5 at Christmas (not out yet) with some games, FortNite 
  • Nanssy clothes from Justice
  • Nash - size 28 Lulu Lemon pants and shirts 
  • Nash shirts size small men’s 
  • Nadeen size 2 (not really sure)
  • Mom charm on chain --January birthstone for Nada, or some kind of Jewelry for Nadeen and Nanssy 
  • Parents picture on a heart (gold) with a chain for all 3 kids
  • Puppy for Nanssy - white Havanese -- one that won’t shed
  • Back-to-school clothes, backpacks 
  • Full size bedroom set for Nash (Will move into parents room)
  • Nadeen -- full size bedroom set
  • Nadeen loves to draw with pencils 
  • Sketchbook, easel 

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