Exotic car parade raises money for Women of Tomorrow organization

Money raised will go toward scholarships

DETROIT – A local mentorship program for girls has come up with a pretty unique way to hold a socially distant fundraiser. It involves super-cars hitting the streets of Metro Detroit.

In September, a room at the M-1 concourse was supposed to be filled with tables, a band and people all to raise money for Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program. Of course that all wasn’t possible because of COVID-19 so they had to become creative.

“We have volunteers that go into the schools, and they mentor the girls on various different subjects to help them get ready for jobs, get ready for college,” said board member Melissa Kozyra. “Help them just get through life.”

She and many other car lovers haven’t had much opportunity to drive their cars this summer.

“Because of COVID, it has been difficult for us to do a lot of these long drives and certainly car enthusiast kind of fellowship, kind of opportunities,” said Keith Echols. “So Melissa had the idea to get all of these car enthusiasts out and have donors who donate a minimum of $2,500 dollars get to decided where these cars will go.”

“Let’s get everybody in their cars,” said Kozyra. “We can all still be social distant from each other and be able to thank the donors.”

The cars will drive from Pontiac all the way down to their first stop at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan in Detroit.

The hope is this parade will give more recognition to an organization that’s been making a difference in our community for over a decade.

It’s already raised more than $200,000 for Women of Tomorrow.

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