Taser shot through window of stolen dump truck in Wyandotte junkyard ends wild crime spree

Man accused of two break-ins, escaping police during chase

Bodycam video shows takedown of Wyandotte serial robbery suspect
Bodycam video shows takedown of Wyandotte serial robbery suspect

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – An officer shot a Taser through the window of a stolen dump truck at a Wyandotte junkyard to take down a man accused in a crime spree that included two late-night break-ins and a chase in which he escaped police, according to authorities.

On Saturday, the man climbed through the window of a Wyandotte home while the family slept, police said.

The next night, he forced his way through the front door of a home as a mother, father and children were sleeping inside, according to officials.

During one of the break-ins, he was walking around a woman while she was asleep and left her home with a safe, authorities said.

“The woman felt the suspect walking around her,” Wyandotte police Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton said.

Wyandotte police said the man has a violent past and they have been on the hunt for him since that first break-in Saturday.

After the home invasions, the man stole a car and led Wyandotte officers on a chase, police said. He later fled on foot and escaped officers in Detroit.

He was spotted near a scrapyard Wednesday and grabbed a dump truck when police gave chase, according to officials.

“He jumped into a dump truck and stole the truck,” Hamilton said. “He reversed it directly at the officer.”

Luckily the officer wasn’t injured, Hamilton said.

An officer fired a Taser, and the shot went through the passenger side window and hit the man, taking him down, according to police.

Wyandotte residents said they’re breathing easier now that the man is off the streets.

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