Warren residents create barricade to trap 20-year-old woman driving drunk, police say

Resident says Lillian Valente thought she was in Traverse City

WARREN, Mich. – A group of Warren residents took matters into their own hands when they saw a 20-year-old woman allegedly driving drunk in their neighborhood, creating their own barricade to trap her and lead to her arrest, according to authorities.

Warren police cruiser video showed officers arresting Lillian Valente, 20, of Sterling Heights, in Warren’s St. Anne neighborhood.

“Don’t worry about it,” she told officers when they asked for her name.

Warren Lt. David Kriss said Valente had a blood alcohol content of 0.2, or twice the legal limit.

Residents in the area were taking the threat seriously, though.

“We just see out of a corner and zoom, a car flew by,” resident Melissa Gordon said. “That is not normal around here.”

Gordon has four children. She said seeing a speeding, swerving driver on Knollwood Drive was enough to bring her and her neighbors out of their homes.

“People came out of their homes, yes,” Gordon said. “I took it upon myself to get into my car and follow. I wanted to make sure she didn’t hurt anyone or herself.”

Gordon and another neighbor boxed Valente in while dozens of others crowded the street so the 20-year-old couldn’t continue driving.

Gordon said even though it might have been dangerous to follow, it was a natural instinct.

Police said Valente got out of the car stumbling and was immediately arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Gordon said Valente thought she was in Traverse City.

Officials said this is Valente’s second offense.

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