Person clones Detroit man’s Facebook profile; victimizes people

DETROIT – Three months ago, life turned upside down for Lawrence Trowell and his entire family.

They created a fake page with multiple fake page and they’ve been scamming people or their money in the city of Detroit and it’s pretending to be me,” said Trowell. “They got the photo of me and my daughter on profile picture and my little girl. That’s not me.”

He’s been receiving dozens of angry messages from people expecting party rental gear after making a purchase -- gear that ultimately never arrives.

“I was kind of like devastated because I didn’t know that this was going on,” recalled Trowell.

“I’m sorry that that happened. You know, I truly apologize for some nobody is truly not me,” he apologized.

Trowell made a post online in hopes people will see, although the profile looks like his -- It’s not. He works in the landscaping industry.

“I’m sitting over here with all my equipment over here man you know this what I do up the grass,” said Trowell.

He also has a message for those finding deals online for certain services.

“Don’t send nobody your money over the internet. If you haven’t had been in contact with these people face to face, face to face,” Trowell warned.

Surprisingly, this is something that’s quite common in the world of social media. Be careful with making those purchases. And Be careful with what you put online.

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