Detroit woman starts organization aimed at helping vulnerable teen mothers

Virtual telethon to be held on Oct. 24

DETROIT – A Detroit mom of four has spent years helping vulnerable teen parents in the city.

Rodnesha Ross of the Youth Community Agency says she was determined to give back after so many others helped her achieve success.

“I always say, I’m a community baby, only because a lot of my success has come from people pouring into me, the community pouring into me,” said Ross.

Ross has spent years mentoring high school teens across Detroit. In 2013 she meet a young teenage mom. Her story inspired Ross to start a non-profit called Youth Community Agency.

“I was able to see she didn’t have the support. And I said if I can help just one young lady pivot into success, this can be a whole different generational curse that is broken with her baby,” she said.

Youth Community Agency helps teen moms complete their GED, connects them to local businesses for internships and helps build skills that can prepare them for college or the workforce.

“If we never give back to where we came from, there can be a cycle of poverty that we could have stopped. I will always make time to give back to the community because they’re our future,” she said.

Since 2013 Ross has used her own savings or gotten small donations to fund the charity. But this year United Way, DTE, and Wayne Metro gave her a grant that will help countless teen moms.

And if there is any young, vulnerable teen mom in Detroit, Ross is ready to help.

“There is so many second chances and opportunities here. As a youth committee agency we would love to have you, help you get back on track, support your parenting time, the whole nine,” she said.

Ross is also holding a virtual telethon on Oct. 24.

For more information on the organization visit, youthcommnityagency.org.

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