How will the $600M Flint Water Crisis settlement help Flint?

Crisis has been ongoing since 2014

FLINT, Mich. – A record breaking settlement for the people of Flint -- the Michigan Attorney General’s Office announced a preliminary $600 million settlement in lawsuits related to the Flint Water Crisis on Thursday, more than six years after the crisis started.

Now the question is how will this money help Flint and what do those living there think?

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The settlement just reached the news now getting to those who may benefit. People like Burl Shaw.

Shaw still relies on bottled water and he worries about his children’s health. He said he doesn’t trust Lansing and has little hope this money will change his life.

Kamika Brown -- who also relies on bottled water -- said she was hopeful when she heard about the settlement.

Many Flint residents are still struggling and former mayor Karen Weaver doesn’t think $600 million is enough and beyond the money, the city of Flint wants accountability.

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