Flint residents continue to struggle, some pipes still need to be replaced

Some concerned settlement may not be enough

FLINT, Mich. – On Thursday a $600 million settlement in the Flint water crisis was announced. Some people are concerned that may not be enough.

Many people living in Flint still don’t trust the water -- mainly because so many of the pipes have still not been changed out in the city.

The reality is that in Flint, things haven’t changed much. The settlement money will make its way to Flint, but the struggle continues every day.

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The need for help is still there and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has added to the stress that’s already there.

A church in Flint gives out water, when it’s available and the water always goes quickly. On Friday, they served between 360 and 420 residents. When water is not available, they give out milk and even produce to those in need.

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