Tips for creating the best remote learning classroom in your home

Experts offer tips for creating in-home classrooms

As many children prepare to continue learning remotely this fall, parents are trying to figure out the best way to create classrooms around the house.

Experts said there are many factors to consider when it comes to where and how to set up classrooms for students inside their homes.

For students and their families to embark on the brave new world of remote learning, homework is just the beginning. Preparing a new learning space for at-home students should be an intentional and thoughtful exercise.

“Make sure you give your student an area,” Michigan Connections Academy Superintendent Bryan Klochack said. “Make it a comfortable environment for them. That’s what will make it a good learning experience.”

Experts believe each child should have their own learning space, if possible. No matter the size of the home, picking a learning space is something the child can participate in so they have buy-in, excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

Reliable internet and lighting are also important.

The place where children play games and take naps shouldn’t be the same place they learn, experts said.

They recommend making the preparation of a learning space an adventure. It will help kick off the right attitude in the right atmosphere.

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