VIDEO: Goat enters Georgia sheriff’s patrol car, eats paperwork, headbutts deputy

Goat repeatedly failed to obey police order of ‘Get out. Go. C’mon,’

DOUGLASS COUNTY, Ga. – We’ve all had moments where a door has been left open and a bird or bug decides it would rather enjoy the luxury of the indoors.

For a goat in Georgia, a Douglass County Sheriff’s cruiser with the door open proved far too tempting in the hot Georgia sun.

According to authorities, a deputy was delivering civil papers when she found the goat had entered her patrol vehicle. Bodycam footage captured the deputy attempt to lure the goat out of the vehicle as it was eating paperwork left on the passenger seat.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office posted the video on its official Facebook page.

Once the goat removed itself from the vehicle, it headbutted the deputy, knocking her to the ground. The deputy said she was not injured.

The Douglass County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy typically leaves her car doors open because she’s had to retreat from dogs on several occasions.

Video of the incident can be seen above. Warning: the video contains some profanity.

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