Detroit homeowners want changes to ‘dangerous curve on city’s west side

City of Detroit officials say they will look into issue

Detroit neighbors want changes to 'dangerous curve' on city's west side

DETROIT – Residents in Detroit’s Rosedale Park Historic District said they are fed up with cars speeding around a curve, causing drivers to lose control and crash on a routine basis.

They want to see something done soon.

“On the daily, somebody speeding around this curve, not realizing the depth of it. And they come here and tear up the neighborhood,” said Shawnee Davis in a recorded video.

Davis said it’s gone on for far too long with drivers having no regard for their own safety or the safety of the safety of the people who live in the surrounding homes.

“Usually, we hear it as the accident happens. We hear the screeching of the tires, we hear it all, and then we come out and see,” Davis said.

“I can’t even count how many lamp poles have been replaced, fire hydrants have been replaced. Something has got to be done,” said resident Sheri Rose.

Damage can still be seen from a single vehicle crash that happened Tuesday. Davis captured the aftermath on her cellphone.

“This guy missed the curve, hit the pole, knocked over the garbage can and ran into the lady’s yard across the street,” Davis said in the recording.

With extreme wheel damage, the black Dodge Challenger was still able to leave the scene.

Nearby residents are urging the city to do something before it’s too late.

“I got two kids, my neighbors have four. We play out here in the summertime all the time and we’re always taking a look at our kids and watching them and it’s because of this curve,” said resident Deirdre Durwoody.

Davis said, “Can we get some speed bumps? Can we get some rumble strips, something to slow them down? Can we get a police car here?"

There’s a park right down the street. The city of Detroit will begin looking into what can be done to slow the traffic down.

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