Residents asked to weigh in on Troy Family Aquatic Center maintenance costs

No maintenance means no pool next summer

TROY, Mich. – It was a long summer for children in Troy after the beloved city outdoor pool was closed due to COVID-19.

Now the city is asking residents to help make a tough decision about whether it can open again anytime soon.

There is nothing lonelier than a kid’s play place sitting empty. The Troy Family Aquatic Center on Civic Center Drive is so vacant, deer have started to enjoy the area.

The 29-year-old pool complex needs regular maintenance -- new pool wall interiors, energy efficient lights and drains. City management decided not to spend the estimated $250,00 and that decision didn’t sit well with Mayor Ethan Baker, considering the public outcry that often comes after decisions get made at poorly-attended public meetings.

“It’s a great community asset and a gem," Baker said. "We just have to make sure people want us to continue to invest in it.”

The pool operates from an enterprise fund. It’s supposed to be self sustaining, but it never has been so the city said no to the maintenance.

No maintenance means no pool next summer.

The mayor is letting residents know there is a Monday night council meeting where residents can weigh in.

“I’ve asked for public comment for residents of the city," Baker said. “If they should continue the investment and keep it open or whether we should look at other options.”

The Troy City Council meeting will be held via a Zoom. Residents can weigh in by sending emails by 4 p.m. Monday to PublicComment@troymi.gov and MayorBaker@troymi.gov, or by leaving a voicemail to be played during Public Comment at the meeting 248-524-3302.

Residents can also weigh in on Facebook here.

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