Once vacant Village Park now open for residents on Detroit’s east side

Park has seen $250,000 in upgrades, improvements

DETROIT – For years, Angela Smith has been longing for a safe place to bring her grand nephews to play, but also a spot where she can simply watch them.

“I sit here and I’ve been watching them, and then some ways down, they have a basketball court for the older kids and they enjoy it," Smith said. “This park here means a lot to the young kids around here.”

But for years, the Village Park on Georgia Street sat vacant. Saturday, the city of Detroit revealed the brand new Village Park -- with all of the bells and whistles -- to the community,

“We got the walking path, we got the slide, the swings, the play escape. We have a basketball court so we can use this park for all ages,” said Councilman Scott Benson.

Councilman Scott Benson said this is the first park in the South Portion of the 3rd District in more than 30 years.

“This is a community, prioritized and designed and named park right here in the 3rd district,” said Benson.

A place the kids in the area can call home.

“It means a lot. It means that us adults, grandparents, mothers, fathers, they don’t have to go far to take their kids to have a good time,” said Smith.

There are about $250,000 in upgrades and improvements to this park.

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