2 conservative operatives charged with intimidating Michigan voters in robocall investigation

AG Dana Nessel charged 54-year-old Jack Burman and 22-year-old

Attorney General Dana Nessel filed charges in the 36th District Court against 54-year-old Jack Burkman and 22-year-old Jacob Wohl -- the men she said who are behind a call aimed at discouraging Michiganders to vote.

According to Nessel, 12,000 people with 313 area codes received the robocall in late August.

The two men are each charged with four felonies for breaking election laws.

“It’s not just illegal to bribe or to threaten a voter to influence who they vote for, it’s also a crime if you deters them from voting at all,” Nessel said.

“These robocalls alone could impact who our next president is.”

Burkman, who is from Virgina is a conservative lobbyist. Wohl, who is from Los Angeles, is known for promoting right-wing conspiracy theories and trying to smear prominent Democrats.

But their legal troubles may not be limited to Michigan.

“We absolutely intend to defend voters in this state and to enforce the laws,” Nessel said.

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