Study looks at how mothers are feeling during COVID-19 pandemic

Many mothers feeling overwhelmed

Study looks at how mothers are feeling during coronavirus pandemic

DETROIT – The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on how we live, how we work and also on our mental health.

A recent study found many mothers in particular are feeling overwhelmed due to the pandemic. One mother, who faced a mountain of challenges said it’s important to find new ways to cope.

Cera Flynn has always tried to make mental health a priority, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to manager her anxiety and depression.

At one point, Flynn was caring for her husband who had COVID-19 and their terminally ill puppy -- all while trying to help her twin boys learn remotely -- and working full time.

“I was just so exhausted and so overwhelmed,” she said.

She said at times she survived on auto pilot, just trying to get through the day.

“She had an incredibly full plate and what we’ve worked on is for her to really try and balance it as she could while prioritizing her own needs without a feeling of guilt,” Cleveland Clinic psychologist Adam Borland said.

It’s a balance many mothers are struggling to find.

New research revealed that while fathers working from home are taking on more childcare duties -- it’s more often mothers who are juggling the kids, remote learning and working from home all at the same time.

Mothers working from home report more anxiety, depression and loneliness than fathers working from home. Out-of-work mothers and fathers were consistently more anxious, depressed, and hopeless than parents who were still employed.

Flynn said deep breathing exercises help her mind focus on the present. Spending time outdoors and talking to family, friends or a mental health professional also helps.

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