How to cope with an election that leaves many people feeling anxious, uncertain

When spending time with friends stay positive instead of complaining

DETROIT – No matter which candidate you support, this election cliffhanger leaves many people feeling uncertainty, anxiety and doubt.

After a bitterly contested election, the results remain unclear. But more importantly, big questions hang over the future direction of the country.

On Wednesday, Americans, no matter who they voted for are in limbo in terms of knowing who the next president will be. Many are anxious, out of their heads anxious.

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Cynthia Reynolds with First Family Counseling in Detroit and Bingham Farms said the election, coupled with COVID-19 trauma is a one-two punch to the very soul of who we are.

“Humans like to do the same thing over and over,” Reynolds said. “Things we’re not used to coping with.”

She said there are ways to mitigate the stress and strain, starting with all the people you love to commiserate with. When you reach out to them you should use your time together differently. Don’t use it to commiserate, gripe or complain. Be the type of person who says, “let’s relax.”

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