Council member calls for Mayor of Ecorse to be removed from office just after being re-elected

Council member raised 2 issues made aware of month ago

ECORSE, Mich. – The mayor of Ecorse was re-elected this week and he’s already having to fight for his job.

During a city council meeting on Wednesday night, one council member called for Mayor Lamar Tidwell to be removed from office. It was a motion that sparked confusion and outrage.

Mayor pro tem Darcel Brown raised two big issues that he said he was made aware of in an affidavit just a month ago. The Ecorse Public Safety Department is under an FBI public corruption probe.

“It was definitely alarming and disheartening. The elected body was not made aware about something like that,” Brown said.

The FBI is strongly hinting that criminal charges could come from how Ecorse police officers handled stolen vehicles.

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