12 Shih Tzus rescued after being found abandoned in Detroit neighborhood

Dogs now have foster families

DETROIT – There’s an effort underway to save the lives of twelve dogs someone left to die in a Detroit neighborhood.

A Detroit dog rescue found them and is making sure they get the help they need to survive. Some of the animals have already suffered severe health consequences.

The dogs were found on Virgil and Midland streets, a notorious illegal dumping zone. Someone dumped the dogs there earlier this week.

Juniper Fleming runs the rescue, Rebel Dogs Detroit. The dogs are Shih Tzus. They were discovered around 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Fleming believes the dogs were left by a breeder who was abusing and hoarding the dogs that they were breeding. The dogs were shaved and one of them is expected to lose a leg. They all have health issues.

Rebel Dogs Detroit is taking donations to pay for the thousands of dollars in veterinary bills that are expected. The organization has foster families for each of the dogs. Adopting them out will take time because the dogs need to heal.

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SHIH TZUS UPDATE! 😊 We are happy to report that almost all of the Shih Tzus have been released from our Emergency Vet....

Posted by Rebel Dogs Detroit on Friday, November 6, 2020

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