Michigan congressman Paul Mitchell leaves Republican party, cites Trump’s efforts to overturn election

Paul Mitchell (Michigan House)

Michigan congressman Paul Mitchell has left the Republican party and cited President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election among the reasons why.

Mitchell requested to change his party affiliation to independent for the remainder of his term in office. He said the move is mostly symbolic and that he will support individual candidates who reflect the principles he values.

If Republican leaders collectively sit back and tolerate unfounded conspiracy theories and ‘stop the steal’ rallies without speaking out for our electoral process, which the Department of Homeland Security said was ‘the most secure in American history,’ our nation will be damaged. I have spoken out clearly and forcefully in opposition to these messages. However, with the leadership of the Republican Party and our Republican Conference in the House actively participating in at least some of these efforts, I fear long-term harm to our democracy.”

Mitchell previously announced his retirement from Congress and shared parting thoughts on Flashpoint.

The enter letter is available in the embedded Tweet below:

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