Democrats criticize ban on open carry of guns inside Michigan Capitol for not going far enough

Democratic lawmakers requested outright ban of all guns from inside Capitol building

DETROIT – On Monday, the Michigan State Capitol Commission voted unanimously to ban the open carry of guns at the Lansing Capitol building.

Details: Michigan commission votes to ban open carry of guns from Capitol building

That comes just days after the siege at the US Capitol and months since a group armed with assault rifles made its way inside the Michigan Capitol building.

The commission, which is responsible for overseeing the Capitol, voted 6-0 in favor of banning firearms from inside the Lansing Capitol building. Concealed carry guns are still allowed.

Democratic lawmakers had requested an outright ban of all guns from inside the Capitol building, including the concealed carry guns.

There are questions about whether that decision holds any weight.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission has not done enough to protect lawmakers, school kids, tour groups and others inside the state’s Capitol, House Democratic leaders said Monday.

“Banning open carry firearms is an incremental step, however it does not go far enough to ensure the safety of lawmakers doing the people’s work inside the Capitol, school kids, tour groups and others entering the building,” said Rep. Sarah Anthony, D-Lansing. “The commission’s vote today will continue to allow domestic terrorists access to Michigan’s Capitol. The nation is watching what’s happening in Michigan and wondering why there is complacency to the threat of violence.”

Since last spring, House Democrats have urged the Michigan State Capitol Commission to address the health and safety of those doing the people’s work inside the building.

“Armed protesters used our state Capitol for a spring dress rehearsal for what went on in Washington, D.C. last week,” said Rep. Brenda Carter, D-Pontiac. “The ban on open carry firearms is long overdue and it is my hope we see further action.”

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