Parents push for start of winter sports in Lansing

High school sports put on pause in Michigan due to coronavirus surge

Parents push for start of winter sports in Lansing
Parents push for start of winter sports in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. – Parents and student athletes rallied in Lansing Saturday to urge state officials to resume winter sports sooner than the Feb. 21 deadline.

“The kids need to play. It’s very important for their mental health,” said Christian Hutson. “Going forward, these kids need something. They need an outlet.”

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While there is still uncertainty of when the country will return to normal, one thing is clear from the hundreds that protested outside of the state capitol -- these parents aren’t backing down.

“All sports are here. It’s not just hockey. It’s not just basketball. There’s football players. There’s a lot of neat stuff happening,” said parent Scott Reoch. “We’re all upset and we all want our kids to play.”

While Feb. 21 is the date the state has in mind for sports to resume, Marcellus High School baseball coach Christian Hutson said that might put athletes in jeopardy of losing much.

“The opportunities that these kids are missing out on are building relationships with their friends and community,” Hutson said. “As a former athlete, that’s one of the best feelings ever to playing in front of a packed house. And they don’t get to experience that and it’s awful. It’s absolutely terrible.”

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