Metro Detroit catering company cooks up safe romantic plans for Valentine’s Day

Virtual cooking class offered to couples

Metro Detroit catering company cooks up safe romantic plans for Valentine’s Day
Metro Detroit catering company cooks up safe romantic plans for Valentine’s Day

TROY, Mich. – Are you looking for something to do Valentine’s Day weekend? Why not turn your dining room into a table for two by learning to cook virtually for one romantic evening.

Chef Matt Jenkins, with Celebrity Catering in Troy, is doing personal virtual cooking classes that rival anything on television. This time, you’re in the kitchen and in the mix.

It’s all part of a virtual cooking class Friday being offered to keep couples in love at home and safe.

“With Valentine’s Day weekend coming up -- which is traditionally a weekend where we do something together and it’s usually in a large crowd together -- we realized that, yes, we are in a pandemic right now, and we need to figure out a way where we can still be social but stay distant,” Jenkins said.

Dr. Marva Brooks is the program director for the Henry Ford Health System’s nursing program. Her passion outside of work is keeping couples together through programing at her church, but now that coronavirus has locked down gathering opportunities, she has partnered with Jenkins to offer a virtual class for lovebirds.

“You are together, you’re sharing and communicating because everyone has a job,” Brooks said. “You’re being social with other couples and you’re still respecting the social distancing and not going through the crowded restaurants and not feeding into the increase in the numbers in our community.”

The class is $100 per couple. The price includes food portions, spices -- everything but the computer -- for a five-course food soiree.

“We bond in the kitchen. I grew up where this was where everything happened,” Jenkins said. “Gor me it’s, it’s the love with a family, it’s having a date night where he’s putting together, laughing together, making mistakes and burning stuff together. That’s all part of the good memories. We do a lot of that stuff together just to keep that spark going, and really try out new flavors and test new things out.”

Learn tricks of the trade, from cooking to plating, for a restaurant-caliber meal for the two of you.

The class is easy and takes the guess work out of making food look good, taste good, complete with heart healthy options.

You can ask questions while cooking, virtually with couples from across the region.

Students will pick up supplies in a no-contact environment Thursday evening and by Friday, couples will be buzzing in the kitchen to learn the tricks of the trade.

More information on the class can be found here.

You can visit Celebrity Catering’s official website or official Facebook page here.

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