Bissell Pet Foundation works to ‘find a loving home for every pet’

Winter months can be deadly for animals

DETROIT – The bitter cold of winter can be deadly for abandoned animals left to fend for themselves.

Their survival often depends on people willing to reach out and help. One of those people is Cathy Bissell who established the Bissell Pet Foundation.

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Sixteen rescue partners traveled from around the country to bring donated food, blankets and cleaning supplies. Cathy Bissell and her partners each brought home dozens of animals that would eventually get new homes. The pets often begin in a foster home.

During the COVID pandemic, more people are keeping their pets or wanting new pets. Despite that, the number of abandoned pets is still high. One of the big reasons pets are abandoned is that many people don’t realize what a commitment it is to have a pet.

Cathy Bissell said her mission is to, “End pet homelessness and find a loving home for every pet.”

If you’d like to learn more about her work and the Bissell Pet Foundation, check out the link below:

Click here to learn more about the Bissell Pet Foundation.

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