FBI informant gives detailed account into domestic terrorism plot against Gov. Whitmer

Veteran was undercover inside group

Friday was day three of the hearing for the three men accused of plotting to kidnap or kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

LANSING, Mich. – Friday was day three of the hearing for the three men accused of plotting to kidnap or kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Paul Bellar, Joe Morrison and Pete Musico are facing charges, accused of supplying materials to support terrorist acts.

It’s the first time the FBI informant who was inside the group spoke. He went into great detail about what he said happened and when.

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The informant, only known as Dan, was not allowed on video to protect him and his family.

Dan gave detailed accounts of the plan to kidnap and kill the governor and other politicians. Dan said one of the men working with the group wanted to hogtie Whitmer up and put her on display.

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He went on to say that the group spent hours staking out the governor’s vacation home and worked with groups in Ohio and Wisconsin to help with the plot.

The group meant to kickoff “Boogaloo” -- a second Civil War. Those who follow those beliefs wear Hawaiian shirts to signal their support.

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There were also discussions of installing Wolverine Watchmen members as the new government. One of the men, a supposed leader of the Wolverine Watchmen, claimed he would be targeting Michigan’s Attorney General and Lt. Governor.

“Pete was talking about the lieutenant governor and Dana Nessel and stating that he had a Hawaiian shirt in his vehicle, that he was in Lansing, had his stuff with him and that he would go and throw this Hawaiian shirt on and go on the Capitol right there,” Dan recalled.

Dan said the group worked to stir up an angry mob during “Operation Gridlock,” when protesters stormed the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing.

Dan said he, Musico and Morrison were all wearing tactical gear and carrying rifles and broke away from the mob to bang on doors and call for the governor to come out.

After an unsuccessful search, Dan said Musico said he was leaving to go find Whitmer.

FBI informant details spring 2020 armed protest at Michigan Capitol.

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