A look at group texts between suspects in terrorist plot against Michigan Gov. Whitmer

Group fears plans were leaked, but allegedly didn’t change plans or notify suspected ring leader

Messages reveal group's fears over discovery of alleged plot against Gov. Whitmer

Details of the secret group chat held by some of the suspects in the alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have come to light.

Local 4 Defenders saw the group’s conversation in which one member alerted them that police questioned a former roommate of his in Milford.

It started when Paul Bellar was evicted from his Milford mobile home and moved to South Carolina. He then caused a panic in the group chat with the following message that they thought only they could see:

“Guys the cops just questioned my old roommate about me

Apparently they were asking him about my military pictures, and my actions in the boogaloo movement

Has anyone else had anything strange going on? I see it looks like they got to [Ty Garbin] too”

Bellar then immediately told the group to switch up the way they were using code words in the app to avoid detection.

“Apparently they brought them up to my roommate asking him about the coded texts,” Bellar texted.

The members on the chat were in full panic mode, but Milford police never questioned Bellar’s roommate. She actually contacted them when she found it odd that Bellar left photos of himself in military gear on the mobile home walls after he was evicted.

The Milford Police Department said the FBI was already in the group.

The group started to suspect that an informant might be a part of the group, not knowing that one member was recording conversations for the FBI and another was an undercover police officer.

All defendants on the group chat are from Metro Detroit. Sources told Local 4 that they did not tell alleged ring leader Adam Fox, who is then accused of leading the group to surveil the governor’s summer home. Fox reportedly wasn’t told that members believed the suspected domestic terrorist plot had gotten out.

Bond lowered for twin brothers charged in terrorist plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

Many of the suspects in the alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have been fighting to be released or have their bonds lowered.

In court Wednesday, the Null brothers were hoping they might be released right away. The state said the Null brothers are a danger to police, elected officials and to the public. The judge agreed and made a surprise call that could lead to the brothers getting out of jail at any moment.


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