Rapper Tone Tone opens restaurant ‘Toney Island’ on Detroit’s east side

Restaurant is home to the ‘Waddupdoe Burgers’

Rapper opens unique restaurant on Detroit's east side

DETROIT – One of the biggest names in Detroit’s rap scene opened a Coney Island on the city’s east side Saturday.

While speaking in front of a crowd Saturday afternoon Detroit rapper Tone Tone discussed the opening of Toney Island at the corner of East Warren and Dickerson.

“I really did this from the heart like on some east side to motivate the youth cause everybody ain’t going to be a rapper to make it out the hood. We got to show other ways to get out the hood. Instead of all the killing and all the violence,” the rapper said speaking to the crowd.

Toney Island is open 24 hours for carryout. The restaurant is home to the “Waddupdoe Burgers,” and its menu extends far beyond any traditional Coney Island.

In addition to the “Waddupdoe Burger” it will specialize in the “Berry Gordy Chicken and Waffles,” “Soulful Sunday,” “Project 4 for 4,” turkey chops and salmon sliders.

The rapper has been dreaming about opening his first restaurant since he was a child. He is also one if the youngest Black men to own a Coney Island in Detroit.

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